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Set to be one of the top blockbusters of 2010, Iron Man 2 sees the return of billionaire industrialist Tony Stark donning his iron suit to fight even more flamboyant and powerful enemies. Robert Downey Jr is on a roll, having appeared in several top billing movies with recent comeback kid Mickey Rourke as nemesis, Whiplash.

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I will however earmark here that I did have reservations about Robert Downey Jr playing Tony Stark, but he played the COMIC BOOK Character to a tee. And in hind sight I cannot see another person playing Tony Stark. I also believe that with Robert Downey Jr's past that helps me believe that he truly channeled Tony Stark's essence. Try and watch Iron Man 2 full movie online free. Also I wonder if the reviews actually read our comments? Probably not, to busy trying to destroy another wonderful movie. After leaving the theater, I was hard-pressed to come up with a single weak spot in Iron Man. I simply cannot fathom how anybody could not enjoy this movie. Sure, you need to suspend reality a bit, but that's required with most movies that come out. To me, that's what movies are all about - letting us explore a world that we can't experience ourselves when we step outside our homes. It's fantasy. It SHOULD be fun. Sure, there will always be, and always SHOULD be a place for simple movies about real-life stuff, but for me personally, I use movies as an escape from the real world. At least most of the time. Iron Man left me with a HUGE smile on my face - both times I saw it. For me, it's about as perfect a movie as I could hope for, and it's really hard for me to understand how ANYBODY can think otherwise about a movie that has no glaring holes in it. To each his own, I suppose, but I signed up on this web site specifically so I could reply about this issue about Iron Man. Though the original comic was written well before the current conflict in Afghanistan, the director decided to modernize the environment to give its target audience something to relate to (though you appear to be so out of touch I'd imagine the concept of relating to your audience may be difficult for you to grasp). Given the objective of movie makers to ultimately make money, paired with the outstanding numbers produced during its release, I'd say they are much more aware of what passes for a good movie than you are. Although, I don't think we would get the sense of what the character was like if it was a fifteen-minute scene. Have you considered the possibility that if it was fifteen minutes it would feel rushed rather than explanatory? I hope you don't mind me saying this, but (I know I am putting words in your mouth) is it possible that you gave the film such a low rating because you feel every popular movie needs a dissenting review for the sake of an opposing viewpoint? It's just that I really enjoyed the movie; even more than any super hero movie I have seen so far save (possibly) for "Batman Begins". I can see how you feel the beginning can feel "dragged out", but I'm hard-pressed to think of how they can do it any other way.

To start things off, I'd like to say that the number of Iron Man comics I've read in my life could be counted on my hands and feet. I'm very aware of the character, and I've read plenty of other comics that he was a guest in, and I've seen some old cartoons about Iron Man, but I've never been obsessed with him. So no, I don't think you need to have read all the Iron Man comics in order to enjoy the movie. With that said, I could not possibly disagree with your review more, David. The beginning of the movie is the defining moment for Tony Stark. Condencing it down to 15 minutes is the LAST thing that should be done with that part of the movie. Do you think Spielberg should have chopped part of the scenes in Schindler's List where he was assembling the list of people to save? That took a long time! Was it too long? Hell no! It was his defining moment. It should have been that long. You also think there was too much time spent on the creation of the suit (were you in a hurry to get somewhere that day or something?). To me, those were some of the best scenes in the movie. They really showed his genius. It's been a LONG time since I've gone to the first-run theaters to see a movie twice, but that's exactly what I did for Iron Man. What an awesome, awesome movie. Are you that much of an elitist jerk that you'd relegate graphic novels, comic books, and illustrated media to "kid culture"? Wake up. Marvel doesn't even use the Comics Code Authority anymore, and a lot of their books are rated for adult readers by their own in-house rating system. You basically decided to hate Iron Man because it's "from a kiddy book" and that's just wrong-minded and backwards. Educated, intelligent adults DO enjoy this sort of entertainment. Iron Man has been an excelling ongoing story, with themes of alcoholism, loss, and the questions of civil rights and fascism as seen through the eyes of the man himself, who ponders his moral and ethical responsibilities.

As an adult comic book reader, an educated person, and an intellectual, I am insulted by your apparent inability to enjoy a bit of light entertainment that plays with adult themes. Not everything has to be pretentious pseudo-intellectual twaddle to appeal to your grand sensibilities. Yes, my friend, you CAN talk about heavy issues without having to bore your audience. It can even be fun! You COMPLETELY missed the point of Iron Man, and I suspect you chose to do so because-- as a late reviewer-- you saw it as some sort of "duty" to give it a bad review, to make yourself stand out from the crowd and perhaps lead us to believe that you're just a little better than the proles who would actually allow themselves to enjoy a fun summer movie based on an adult-themed comic book. Tell me; Do you have trouble getting through doorways with that inflated head of yours? This lame critique smacks of a combination of elitism and ignorance. Is that ever a winning combination? When people want to hate on a film but can't find legitimate arguments, you know that's a quality film. This is clearly a review written in response to the massive praise Iron Man has rightfully received. Some alleged critics feel the need to "correct" what they see as misrepresentation. Don't think for a minute that this wannabe has structured his critique based solely on the merit of the film. It's quite easy to spot and that is inherently more silly then anything printed in a comic book.  Are you that stuck up of a person that you can't actually watch a movie that isn't have to be "academy award caliber", and not enjoy it? What is wrong with you? Superhero movies are supposed to be FUN to watch. You are supposed to gawk at the unbelievable graphics and awesome suit that he builds. This was clearly one of the best superhero movies created and you hate on it, because it is, and I quote you, "dispiriting attempt to apply superficial principles to inherently silly kid culture." Hey buddy, my parents loved this movie. They thought it was awesome. In fact, most adults enjoyed Iron Man thoroughly. Why else would it have a 92% on this fantastic website. Obviously, you managed to get your job by default because you do not know how to watch a movie like this.